Central Data Catalog

The Ifakara Health Institute data catalog is aimed to archive the data and material collected and created by the collaborating projects. Please browse the entire catalog (blue "Visit Catalog" button) or through each thematic group collection.

Researcher are encouraged to browse the metadata and search for information related to the data and linked resources. Data dictionaries provide description of the data content. Data and resources may be downloaded upon request or simple registration, depending on the study availability. A contact name and email address should always be available for each study, in case of problems please contact us !

Followig the institutional organization, the studies are grouped in 6 Thematic Groups, but all are also accessible through the central data catalog. Each thematic group has undertaken a thorough analysis of public health challenges; state of knowledge; national and international demand for research; IHI comparative advantage, and opportunities for synergy. Through this process, every group has identified the areas of research that should be continued or expanded, as well as new areas where new research proposals will be targeted. More detailed group profiles follow below.

Thematic Group collections

Biomedical Science thematic group

Genetics, molecular biology, immunology and histopathology of diseases of public health importance. Disease focus: malaria, TB, HIV, co-­‐morbidity, Sexually-­‐transmitted infections (STI), staphylococcal disease, viral circulation and non-­‐malarial fevers. Custodian of laboratory assets and provider of laboratory services to other Thematic Groups.

Environmental Health and Ecological Sciences thematic group

Entomology, ecology, biology, health geography, biostatistics & mathematical modeling. Disease focus: malaria & other mosquito-­‐ borne pathogens, water & sanitation related diseases, zoonotic disease. Custodian of insectories & other entomological research assets. Leads establishment of Malaria Competence Centre.

Interventions thematic group

Clinical trials phase 1b, 2, 3 to test safety, efficacy, equivalence, effectiveness, pharmacovigilance of drugs, diagnostics & vaccines in the human population. Disease focus: malaria, TB, HIV. Custodian of clinical trials facilities and lead on establishment of Contract Research Organisation capability.

Health Systems thematic group

Multi-disciplinary studies of health system performance including service delivery; quality, effectiveness and equity; health financing, human resources, governance & accountability and social determinants of health. Particular focus on maternal, neonatal and child health services.

Impact Evaluation thematic group

Monitor and evaluation of pilot initiatives, national programs and changes in population health and demographics. Custodian of Health and Demographic Surveillance, Facility Based Information System and SAVVY (Sample Vital Registration with Verbal Autopsy).

Policy Translation and Delivery thematic group

Catalyse uptake and effective implementation of policy changes, interventions or new approaches. Explore, devise and test scalable, replicable implementation models and tools.

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