Interventions thematic group

This group focuses on development and evaluation of clinical interventions against diseases of public health importance. The group conducts clinical trials (safety, efficacy, equivalence, effectiveness) to test drugs, vaccines, diagnostics and procedures. It also carries out surveillance and field epidemiology research to gather information on disease pattern and determinants. There is a growing need for evidence of performance of new clinical intervention efficacy in African populations, although very few centres have the capacity to meet this demand. There is also an emerging opportunity to undertake contract research in the private as well as the public sectors. The key outputs of the group will be diagnostic tools, drugs and vaccines, behavioural interventions and clinical surveillance findings. There are clear synergies between the Interventions and Biomedical groups, so their research agendas are closely aligned.

The group is well positioned in this field due to a number of strategic assets:

□ A reputable, highly skilled team of scientists with over 15 years of clinical trials experience, including 6 PhD level, 5 PhD students, 4 masters level scientists, 6 undergraduate level research officers plus clinical and technical personnel.

□ Clinical research infrastructure and associated surveillance in Ifakara and Bagamoyo; dedicated Phase 1 clinical trial facility in Bagamoyo; joint ventures with other hospitals (e.g. Mwananyamala, Ocean Road Cancer Institute).

□ Quality-­‐assured clinical laboratories in Bagamoyo and Ifakara; associated biomedical sciences support (immunology, molecular biology, etc) and secure insectaries for malaria transmission studies.

□ Strong working relationship with communities in both rural and urban Tanzania, especially in Bagamoyo and the Kilombero valley

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