Impact Evaluation thematic group

Impact Evaluation is a new thematic group that will monitor and evaluate pilot initiatives, national programs and changes in population health status. It responds to a growing demand for measuring results of interventions and investments in the health sector. The group is custodian of HDSS, FBIS and SAVVY. It will seek opportunities to undertake assessments of progress in service delivery capability, program implementation and the individual and combined impact on population health. The group thus aims to create unambiguous evidence for action through:

□ Prospective monitoring and evaluation of interventions to see what is working, and why.

□ Post-­‐hoc evaluation of intervention impact and factors affecting outcomes.

□ Economic evaluation of health interventions or service delivery models

□ Continual surveillance of health and demographic status and service delivery through HDSS, SAVVY and FBIS.

Areas of focus will be closely aligned to both the Health Systems and Policy Translation & Delivery groups and may also draw upon discoveries and developments in the Biomedical, Environmental and Interventions groups. The same range of assets (disciplinary expertise, knowledge of context,research platforms) will also be brought to bear.

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