Health Systems thematic group

Successful delivery of proven interventions depends on strong health systems. Even without introduction of new technologies, health systems improvement may bring about major improvements in health care quality, access and equity. There is strong demand for dependable, context-­‐sensitive evidence on health systems since governments and donors are constantly seeking ways to improve service delivery and health outcomes. The key outputs expected are: a) better understanding of key system constraints and their effects; b) identification, refinement and testing of system improvement strategies. The group’s work is closely aligned with Impact Evaluation (formal assessment of impact) and with Policy Translation and Delivery (replication of proven system interventions at scale). IHI is well positioned to undertake health systems research owing to the following assets:

□ In-­‐depth understanding of the organization, functioning and context of the health systems

□ Wide range of relevant disciplinary expertise, including health economics, public health, public administration, health care management, epidemiology, sociology, etc.

□ Research platforms (FBIS, SAVVY) that can measure the effects of health system factors on outputs and outcomes

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