Biomedical Science thematic group

The Biomedical Science group focuses primarily on generating new scientific knowledge on the disease determinants and developing novel approaches to combat diseases of public health importance. It does so via a range of laboratory studies to further understanding of the pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of diseases. The group includes a wide range of disciplines including medical microbiology, chemistry, hematology, histopathology, molecular biology, cytology, virology, and immunology. Ultimately the objective of the group is to discover, develop and understand the potential of drug targets, vaccine candidates and diagnostic tools. The primary diseases of interest are malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. New areas for exploration include disease co-­‐morbidity, diabetes, correlates of vaccine protection and re-­‐emergent/neglected tropical diseases.

The group contributes a significant number of core assets to IHI’s portfolio. These include:

□ Modern laboratories at Bagamoyo and Ifakara with facilities to undertake nucleic acid works, clinical hematology and chemistry, parasitology, microbiology, histopathology, molecular biology and immunology.

□ Specialized facilities, including high throughput mass array analyzer, high multiplex real-­‐time PCR systems (CFX96), and Biosafety Level 3 laboratory facilities for virology and bacterial assessments.

□ Researchers with a wide range of disciplines in biosciences, including 6 PhDs, 9 Masters, 5 PhD candidates, 7 MSc candidates, 15 other professional scientific staff, and 14 laboratory technicians at various levels.

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